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Threebond Black Liquid Gasket TB1207B Hondabond 100g

Threebond Black Liquid Gasket TB1207B Hondabond 100g
1x 100G Black Hondabond Liquid Gasket TB1207B

Effective Temperature Range -60C to +200C
Recommended For A Wide Variety Of Engines
Outstanding Resistance Against Vibration
TB1207B is a single component, non-slumping, solvent free and non-acid RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) liquid gasket from 'Three Bond'. Its properties make it perfect for sealing complex three point surfaces of cylinder blocks, oil pans, valve covers and joint surfaces with large clearances to prevent oil, water, fuel and chemical leaks.

Excellent chemical resistance against coolants and engine oil
Outstanding mechanical and thermal resistance
Excellent adhesion even to slightly contaminated surfaces
Extremely fast curing
Instantaneous sealing for pressure test
Acceleration of the curing process by heat and contact with the medium
No shrinkage and no generation of corrosive gases
Acetone type - no corrosion of metal or plastics
Normal disassembly
With an effective operating temperature range -60 deg C to +200 deg C (+250 deg C intermittently) and an extremely fast curing rate it's recommended for all automotive, motorcycle, watercraft, snowmobile and ATV engines.
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Threebond Black Liquid Gasket TB1207B Hondabond 100g
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