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Threebond Premium Silicone Grease 150ml

Threebond Premium Silicone Grease 150ml
1x 150ml Silicone Grease

Ensures Stable Lubrication
Works In A Wide Range Of Temperatures
Safe On Rubber/Plastics
This premium silicone grease from Three Bond has been developed for use in a wide variety of applications, particularly where the requirement for lubrication also includes protection from dust, moisture, chemical sealing and/or corrosion protection.

It's formulation also acts as a anti-tracking and anti-arcing coating. It's formulation also prevents the wear, deterioration and embrittlement of plastics and rubbers. Consisting of silicone oil, thickened with metallic soap - it can be used in a wider range of temperatures than standard oil-based greases, and is extremely resistant to thermal oxidation, water and brake fluid.

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Reference: ICP15107
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Threebond Premium Silicone Grease 150ml
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