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Rear Diff Outrigger Dynamic Dampener 41322AC050

Rear Diff Outrigger Dynamic Dampener 41322AC050
1 x Dynamic/Harmonic Dampener 41322AC050

Will fit the cars below
Subaru Impreza
Engine Codes: ALL
Chassis Codes: GC GF GD GG
Years: 1992 To 2007

If you are looking to perfect your restoration, then these will more than likely be one of the main items on your list.

Or if you having a humming noise coming from the rear of the car, then this may well be your issue.
Subaru Introduced a service bulletin back in 2005 regarding this issue. Bulletin number 03-55-05

''A countermeasure has been made to address noise coming from the rear differential area. The noise may make a high frequency "Hoo" (Harmonic) noise and is most noticeable with little to no throttle application (coasting or deceleration). The peak of the noise occurs at 63 mph (100 km/h). The noise may occur in any gear or engine speed; however, it is most noticeable in 4th gear or 5th gear. Dynamic dampers were added to the rear differential member to eliminate the noise.''
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Reference: ICP14637
Price (inc vat) £28.00
Price (exc vat) £23.33
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Rear Diff Outrigger Dynamic Dampener 41322AC050
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