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Subaru Forester STi 06-08 HID Headlight Lense Repair Kit

Subaru Forester STi 06-08 HID Headlight Lense Repair Kit
1 x RH Headlight Lense
1 x LH Headlight Lense
2 x Sealing putty

Forster STi Facelift ONLY

More often than not you will see a Facelift Forester with cloudy yellow headlights, this is caused from the UV rays from the sun which discolours the lense, sometimes this can be rescued with basic wet & dry sandpaper and a quick polish, but not all the time, not only do they go yellow they also suffer from micro cracking from the heat of the HID headlights, this can cause headlight patterns to alter & also reduce the lights output making it harder to see at night. This kit we supply includes a brand new outer lense, black insert and a strip of sealing putty.
This can be done at home but would recommend a professional to do it as the original headlight needs to be split so the new lense can be fitted
These kits work out much cheaper than replacing the expensive HID headlight assemblies which work out over £1000 per side

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In Stock: Yes
Reference: ICP14614
Price (inc vat) £399.95
Price (exc vat) £333.29
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Subaru Forester STi 06-08 HID Headlight Lense Repair Kit
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