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Fuji Racing Anti Surge 340LPH Fuel Pump Set Up

Fuji Racing Anti Surge 340LPH Fuel Pump Set Up
1 x Spec C Anti Surge Fuel Pump Housing
1 x Fuji Racing 340LPH Fuel Pump

Direct Fit For All Impreza Models
2000 To 2007

UK Cars use an extra breather pipe on top of the sender unit, simply block this off when fitting this housing

Subarus suffer from pretty bad fuel surge, especially when on a track, Fitting an uprated fuel can help improve the fuel system on the subaru impreza, buts its recommended you fit one of these too. this housing allows the fuel pump filter to always be submerged in fuel, this helps reduce fuel surge under hard cornering.

For the Ultimate set up see our fuel rail kits


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Reference: ICP14228
Price (inc vat) £449.95
Price (exc vat) £374.96
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Fuji Racing Anti Surge 340LPH Fuel Pump Set Up
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