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Subaru BRZ & Toyota GT86 Superpro Front Anti Roll Bar Bushes SPF3868

Subaru BRZ & Toyota GT86 Superpro Front Anti Roll Bar Bushes SPF3868
2 x Front Anti Roll Bar Bushes SPF3868-

Standard Size is 18mm

Designed to maximize your tire contact with the road, track, or trail while turning, sway bars are an important safety and performance feature of your vehicle. Sway bar bushings, on the other hand, are made to secure your sway bar to the frame. OE sway bar bushings are commonly made of soft rubber. This rubber will warp and crack over time, slowly losing it's grip on the sway bar and severely reducing it's effectiveness. SuperPro has what you need to prevent or repair this before it becomes a very expensive problem.

Made of polyurethane, SuperPro's sway bar bushings are much more durable than the OE rubber. Polyurethane bushings are known for both their durability and their habit of increasing your NVH. SuperPro has spent a long time researching ways to retain polyurethane's durability and performance enhancements while simultaneously reducing NVH. Thanks to their research, SuperPro has made many products that succeed on both fronts. Many of SuperPro's bushings also sport knurling on the inside of the bushing. This knurling keeps grease inside the bushing for much longer, reducing the amount of maintenance required. If these innovations weren't enough, SuperPro covers all of their sway bar bushings with a lifetime warranty
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Subaru BRZ & Toyota GT86 Superpro Front Anti Roll Bar Bushes SPF3868
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